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A Kinnare family portrait taken in front of the company’s original signpost in 1974. L to R: Founder Edna Kinnare, President John Kinnare, Vice President Bill Kinnare and Thomas C. Kinnare.

Brothers John Kinnare (seated) and Bill Kinnare.

Kinnare Insurance LLC has been a family owned company for over 60 years.


In November 1956, Edna Kinnare negotiated a Travelers Casualty license and began selling Personal Lines of insurance from her "office or living room, depending on where I happened to be when a call came through." Edna was the sole Travelers Insurance representative in Guilford, CT and achieved great success in insurance sales during a long career. Edna was a mother of four and active in the shoreline community; still this was no easy feat. She received support and guidance from her husband, Tom Kinnare Sr., who himself was a Travelers claim adjuster for over thirty years.


Edna's youngest son, John, continued the family business as President after Edna retired In 1974. Older brother Bill became Vice President in 1972. In 1983, Bill took over

the agency, renaming it Cullen Insurance. He bought the house he grew up in at 135 Church Street in Guilford and turned it into the current agency office.


In 1988, Bill's nephew, Shawn Kinnare, joined the agency and quickly rose through the ranks. He bought the agency from his uncle in 2003, and returned to the original name,

Kinnare Insurance LLC.


You can rest easy knowing Kinnare Insurance LLC is owned and operated by a family who knows the experience of living on the CT shoreline and has great respect for the

community and their clients.